World Cup!

The World Cup is approaching and we are all excited about it, so here’s a round-up of some football stuff that has more or less to do with social science:

Feel free to suggest more in the comments!


3 thoughts on “World Cup!

  1. Researchers from the Institute of Political Science / University of Tuebingen published a statistical forecast for the WorldCup 2010:

    “Who will win the Football World Cup 2010? This is one of the most pressing questions today – even beyond the world of sports. This article offers a prognostic model that goes far beyond Franz Beckenbauers answer on the question: What is your prognosis for the game? “Yes good, there is only one possibility. Victory, Draw or defeat”. Statistical Analyses reveals that – against popular opinions – political and economic, religious and psychological factors are explanatory and that Brasil will defeat Germany in the Final.”

    See the study here (In German)

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