Jean Ziegler does not like political science

From a recent interview (via @polithink):

Jean Ziegler: Was haben Sie studiert?

Tages Anzeiger: Ich? Geschichte und Politologie.

Jean Ziegler: Soziologie wäre gescheiter gewesen. Da hätten Sie mehr gelernt.

I actually took a sociology course with Jean Ziegler at the University of Geneva in 1994. Here are required readings, which I still fondly keep in my office:

You actually have to give some credit to someone who titles a sociology textbook “Retournez les fusils!“, with the subtitle (not visible in the photo) “Manuel de sociologie d’opposition.”

Bonus anecdote: at the beginning of each class, before Jean Ziegler’s entrance (usually 5-10 minutes late), his African assistant carried in two huge maps, one of Africa and the other of Latin America, and proceeded to hang them at each side of the podium. Jean Ziegler never made use of them. But they certainly did create a nice scenographic effect.


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