Jean Ziegler does not like political science

From a recent interview (via @polithink):

Jean Ziegler: Was haben Sie studiert?

Tages Anzeiger: Ich? Geschichte und Politologie.

Jean Ziegler: Soziologie wäre gescheiter gewesen. Da hätten Sie mehr gelernt.

I actually took a sociology course with Jean Ziegler at the University of Geneva in 1994. Here are required readings, which I still fondly keep in my office:

You actually have to give some credit to someone who titles a sociology textbook “Retournez les fusils!“, with the subtitle (not visible in the photo) “Manuel de sociologie d’opposition.”

Bonus anecdote: at the beginning of each class, before Jean Ziegler’s entrance (usually 5-10 minutes late), his African assistant carried in two huge maps, one of Africa and the other of Latin America, and proceeded to hang them at each side of the podium. Jean Ziegler never made use of them. But they certainly did create a nice scenographic effect.

Citation inflation?

Via orgtheory, an interesting graph showing the evolution of the average number of references in the American Economic Review and the American Journal of Sociology since the 1950s:

If anyone has time to waste, it would be interesting to see the trend in political science journals; my guess is that it is somewhere between the two.

Erotic capital

From the latest issue of the European Sociological Review:

Madonna flaunted it in her Sex book, and still has it at 50. Jesus Luz, her toyboy lover, clearly has it, but it is rather easier at 22 years. Pierce Brosnan has it, even as he ages, long after dropping the James Bond role. Catherine Deneuve still has it, remaining sexually attractive after she reached 60. The sexy, energetic singer Tina Turner, with her fabulous legs and erotic voice, still had it at in her 50s. The commodity is erotic capital, to which sociological and economic theory have been blind, despite its palpable importance in all spheres of social life. Writers and artists are very sensitive to it. Shakespeare captured it nicely when describing Cleopatra: ‘Age cannot wither her, nor custom dull her infinite variety.’ The expanding importance of self-service mating and marriage markets, speed dating, and Internet dating contributes to the increasing value of erotic capital in the 21st century. Sociology must rise to the challenge of incorporating erotic capital into theory and empirical research.

I see a lot of potential for participant observation.